About Us

Launching Chachi has not been easy, they say when a person or a business is faced with obstacles they all come at once and they don’t come alone but come in threes. Chachi has had her fair share, but has managed to make her dream reality and running successfully. The brand was launched in 2006 and relaunched in 2008 with an improved, user friendly website.

It’s been a childhood dream to be a part of the fashion world; I saw a niche in the market for fashion accessories therefore costume jewellery. I decided it was time to fulfil my dream and put it into practice. The aim I want to achieve from this business is to enhance as an individual and to keep adding that touch of glamour & bling for my customers and to the fashion world out there.

At Chachi we are firm believers in choosing lasting style over transient fashion. If you buy what suits you and is appropriate for your environment you will be setter of trends and not a fashion follower.

The way you choose to use accessories is a unique style that speaks volumes about you. Therefore, Chachi says make sure you present the best image of yourself to the world. "Be a trendsetter not a fashion follower"

Chachi in Spanish is used by the youth for something that means good! If they see something that is good its chachi. In Urdu and Punjabi it is more a respectable term for Aunty and in Mexican / Korean it means 'hot one'.

Therefore the focus and inspiration comes from the different meanings of the name, Chachi will be a household brand, instead of a household name. The aim is to bring a twist to the typical Urdu & Punjabi perception with a new stylish image! Like it is understood in Spain, Mexico and Korea.